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Audio cable C1-06 for Lightning to 3.5mm male


Product description

ACEFAST C1-06 audio cable for Lightning to 3.5mm male, MFI certification, 1.2m length, aluminum alloy connectors

1. Length: 1.2m. Weight: 36g. 2. Outer material: braid. 3. Connectors material: aluminum alloy. 4. Wire core: 30AWG(10/0.08)*3C OD: 3.5M. 5. For Lightning male connector to 3.5mm male connector. 6. MFI certification. Support for Apple’s lossless music. Compatible with audio equipment with 3.5mm input interface (car audio, speaker, earphones, etc.). 7. 10000 bending tests.

HOCO Era sports wireless earphones

1. Material: ABS 2. The earphones cable is 90cm long, weight: 21g 3. Bluetooth version: 5.0, chip: JL 4. Battery capacity: 130mAh, charging time: about 2 hours 5. Talk/music: 10 hours 6. Standby time: 200 hours 7. Large capacity battery, long battery life 8.Voice prompt switch. When not connected, double-click the multi-function button and there will be a beep

HOCO Magic tour gaming headphones

1. Speaker: 40mm 2. Interface: USB+3.5 plug 3. Microphone: Omnidirectional microphone, size: Φ6.0*2.2mm 4. Product size: 188*180*90mm, headphone cord length: 1.2m 5. Weight: 184g 6. Wire control: volume adjustment, microphone switch 7. Equipped with one-to-two audio adapter cable, which can be used for desktop or laptop with dual audio ports